Wednesday, January 26, 2005


happy birthday auschwitz, never thought you would make it to 60. there are some that think and believe you didn't exist, in some form or another. for shame, on the anniversary of your liberation. if we forget your birthday, then we'll be in real trouble.

Friday, January 21, 2005

loves me

i paid my money like everyone else, she found me. i was special. she gently rubbed my back and and told me i would get extra special treatment. the flamingo room was her favorite. low lights and a thin plastic wrapped matress was all i needed, i was in love. she showed me everything, i told her everything. the song ended and the curtain was drawn back. not yet, done already? for you, a bit more. and then i knew i had her, she loved me. everyone could'nt get this, no way. she rose from my lap and we walked back upstairs. we both disappeared into the crowd.
i saw her later on stage, she smiled and i knew she loved me. i gave her more money and i knew she loved me still. as the lights flickered and pulsed i noticed her leg. it was briused and burned. maybe a fist, a stick and a curling iron... maybe she did'nt love me... maybe she was trained to love.
i can train her to love me.

Monday, January 10, 2005


they say it's easy to rebuild after you lose everything. there's nothing left to worry about, nothing to get in the way. how much do you have to lose? what's everything? a job, a house, your fucking dog runs away on you, your wife runs around on you, (like you did'nt know). or is it something more... something else.
how about an earthquake to kill, destroy and demolish everything and everyone you know and about a 100 million fucking gallons of sea water to wash it all down with. you would feel pretty bad after that would'nt you? i know i would. the only thing to do to make it better apparently is rape, kidnap and sell children into slavery. great. i'm sure allah is proud. wait, wait... maybe i'm missing the point. i'm a capitalist, what a great business opportunity. i hope each and every kid taken or abused cuts the throat of their captor and puts the head on a stick in the front yard of their new home.

i have'nt lost anything...

Sunday, January 09, 2005

patterns of failure

with better eyes i could have seen the disgust on your face when i spoke your name and with better ears i could have heard the disgust in your voice when you spoke mine and with better hands i could have felt your skin crawl when my fingers touched down upon your neck...
-pig destroyer

captures the way a lot of interactions between men and women go... unless you're the romantic type, and then maybe this is how i feel when i see you.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

human contact is overated

now is the time to try something new my fortune says. so... i went out last night, drank like bacchus and as a result, look and feel as though i was attacked by a wild animal, and after the mauling, got spat out due to the poor quality of my meat. terrible. i can't even be food.
human contact is overated. nothing good comes of it. stay home, stay safe. look where it got christ.

life's too short to fuss about. change the world. be big. lincoln did it. booth did it.
drink an suv... boring. be god-like, buy a gun, learn to shoot. buy a helicopter, learn to fly. meet someone that sells drugs, don't do them. meet someone with tattoos, dont get one. self control? maybe that's for other people. maybe it's for you. me? that i'll keep to myself.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


fire it up