Monday, January 10, 2005


they say it's easy to rebuild after you lose everything. there's nothing left to worry about, nothing to get in the way. how much do you have to lose? what's everything? a job, a house, your fucking dog runs away on you, your wife runs around on you, (like you did'nt know). or is it something more... something else.
how about an earthquake to kill, destroy and demolish everything and everyone you know and about a 100 million fucking gallons of sea water to wash it all down with. you would feel pretty bad after that would'nt you? i know i would. the only thing to do to make it better apparently is rape, kidnap and sell children into slavery. great. i'm sure allah is proud. wait, wait... maybe i'm missing the point. i'm a capitalist, what a great business opportunity. i hope each and every kid taken or abused cuts the throat of their captor and puts the head on a stick in the front yard of their new home.

i have'nt lost anything...


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