Thursday, January 06, 2005

human contact is overated

now is the time to try something new my fortune says. so... i went out last night, drank like bacchus and as a result, look and feel as though i was attacked by a wild animal, and after the mauling, got spat out due to the poor quality of my meat. terrible. i can't even be food.
human contact is overated. nothing good comes of it. stay home, stay safe. look where it got christ.

life's too short to fuss about. change the world. be big. lincoln did it. booth did it.
drink an suv... boring. be god-like, buy a gun, learn to shoot. buy a helicopter, learn to fly. meet someone that sells drugs, don't do them. meet someone with tattoos, dont get one. self control? maybe that's for other people. maybe it's for you. me? that i'll keep to myself.


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