Friday, January 21, 2005

loves me

i paid my money like everyone else, she found me. i was special. she gently rubbed my back and and told me i would get extra special treatment. the flamingo room was her favorite. low lights and a thin plastic wrapped matress was all i needed, i was in love. she showed me everything, i told her everything. the song ended and the curtain was drawn back. not yet, done already? for you, a bit more. and then i knew i had her, she loved me. everyone could'nt get this, no way. she rose from my lap and we walked back upstairs. we both disappeared into the crowd.
i saw her later on stage, she smiled and i knew she loved me. i gave her more money and i knew she loved me still. as the lights flickered and pulsed i noticed her leg. it was briused and burned. maybe a fist, a stick and a curling iron... maybe she did'nt love me... maybe she was trained to love.
i can train her to love me.


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