Monday, March 21, 2005


a woman asked me, "what day is it? wednesday or thursday?" " it's tuesday", I reply
"oh fuck, I guess I lost that bet."
this is one example of the people I run into. never a dull moment. it makes me feel like a perfectly sound and sane person. thank you van ness for collecting these people for me.


what would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?

Friday, March 04, 2005

none shall pass

so many bad things to think about and so little time to write them down...
it's incredible sometimes when i think about where i live and where i have lived. i feel like a shepard. everyone else is sheepsiss. or are they all wolfs. (wolves, i know) they all want to be wolves. you leave the neighborhood and it's like another country. beauty surrounds you in the form of humans and nature. coming out of the original environment it makes me feel like a killer. trying to be a mean and sketchy looking fella does'nt leave you easily. not much scares me out here. at all. i've been robbed east coast style before. no one shoots much out here. lil' bitches. when that 15 yr old had his pistol on my heart, i knew his little bitch ass would shoot me just because... fucker. i did nothing they told me. that's bad apparently. i say fuck you. make my corpse do what you want. i aint. they won $27 for their effort. i wish i had a sword, not a gun. chase them around and chop at them with a sword conan and sinbad style. that's what i'm talking about. hold your little pop gun sideways and try and shoot me. right. no one can shoot anything straight, let alone wanting to be a gangsta and shoot all sideways. i say ya'll should shoot sideways, it's the best way to kill people. i could cross a street eating a sandwich and none of you side ways shooting cunts would be able to touch me. then i would chase and hack your ass with my sword. then sheath that bitch and high five all the trannys and old folks that live on the block. no one is harder on the street than a fucking sword fighter. let you side ways shooting indiana jones's try and take me. miss me, miss me, miss me, oh sorry i just hacked your fucking arm off. oh and i can use a gun, by the way. all of them big little hand guns fucking rifles. i will out shoot and out hack you. please. please keep shooting sideways, just like the movies. it makes everything easier. i am the jamesbondtriplexxxconan- a-saurous. none shall pass