Saturday, April 30, 2005

they fightin'

well it seems it does'nt stop. i waited for friends tonite on a corner in the TL and man was it exiciting. my mental state was already in flux. hanging on that corner was extra. everyone wants something from you, either right now or just wait... drugs, money, turf, sex.. you're there, what do you want? when do you stop saying, 'no sorry, not tonite. no, no thanks.' that don't work. you need to look at them and lie and tell them things they want to hear or want to believe. no dice? be a hard case. challenge them a bit. most will see you're not a 'tourist.' stop and look at them.
i just went to buy popcorn around the corner. a tour bus brought a bunch of folks in from somewhere, young fellers. they were goning to a pretty nice club in a bad neighborhood. not good. 'upscale' guys drinking in front of where the 'local' boys hang out. basically the whole street was brawling. dudes in nice clothes chasing after guys. they were all running away from wherei was, i almost made it to the store. they ended up turning their prey the other way toward me. could'nt make the door. this one guy was about to catch up to the prey, when his fancy loafers slipped out on him and he slid like a seal at a marine show on his belly across the sidewalk. owwiie. the prey was ultimately caught right in front of me and 4 or 5 guys attacked him. i thought that's fucked, so many on one guy. i thought better of opening my mouth about the injustice of street justice. the prey's boys finally came along and rained the attackers with bottles and may have stabbed a bunch with the broken ends. this shit was like three feet from me. lucky i was a white guy and stoood out from the 'circle of life.' incredible. never saw someone wind up bottle and connect a point blank blow. they deserved it. 4 on 1 pussies. not unless he's a child molester or murderer. then again, i guess it's always great to have backup so you never lose whatever the cusade of the night might be.

Monday, April 04, 2005


i've had three really happy days i can remember in recent years. i need to write them down so i don't forget them. the rest are mostly bad. from a little bad to why don't i open this door and fall into traffic...