Thursday, June 09, 2005

so many new troubles...

traitors... drunks... lunatics... all too close to get away from. so many terrible ways to go. really if you think about it. once you meet people like this, it makes you wonder how you're not homeless in the rain cursing god to just finish it already. you feel like a rock star. then you think about the people that have never seen the 'darkside', how would they feel, or react? wide eyed thinking it was'nt a real possiblity that people are like this. life, death, jail, the loony bin are really not so far away. fucking scary how accessible it is to get on the path to be on the way out. maybe i see it to much, and it's enough for me to be above it to comfort me to know i'm ok. as long as i'm not like that i am winning the game. then i stop. need not be too ok with 'above bottom'. not in the gutter is fine for me, but that will get you nowhere, as i am sure you already know, in this life.

'you can't live a righteous life in the city', they say. i agree with the fella that said that. so easy not to. if you live in the country, you're not trying hard enough to be godless and lost like the rest of us. it's really easy once you start...


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