Monday, January 23, 2006

out for a walk

decieded to leave the house on a friday night and go three blocks to an art opening. how much trouble can you get into with a three block walk? well it seems a lot. an old colored fella comes up behind me and starts screaming at me. he snuck up so me nor my friend could so him. now he had some kind of throat problem, like he was yelling at his wife all night. he was screaming 'you call me a faggot motherfucker! you call me a faggot!' i immediately wanted to crush his head in, and i'm not the violent angry type, but sneaking up on me like that screaming just unhinged me right from the start. he came really close so i pushed him back off me twice. now in some schisms touching the other guy is reason to start attacking, nuff said. i was losing it. lucky my buddy stepped in and split it up. he was laughing at the fact that this guy got under my skin. he was right. i still wanted to teach that sweatsuit, cigarrette smoking, hoarse ass voiced mofo a lesson though...


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